Responsible Tourism

Message to our Worldwide Travelers, Tour Leaders and Tour Operators to support Responsible Tourism.

Sustainable Travel Standards

Research Alternatives, learn about the places you intend to offer, and ensure that you support tourism that is not harmful to the environment or well being of local people.

Educate your Clients and provide them with opportunities to make meaningful connections with local people. Encourage them to walk or use public transport whenever feasible.

Be Culturally Sensitive. Respect the values, customs and beliefs of the local people you visit. Foster a greater understanding of their culture and their environmental issues.

Generate Economic Benefits. Buy locally produced goods, become a patron of locally owned businesses, and enhance the well being of host communities.

Be Environmentally Friendly. Conserve natural resources when traveling just as you do at home and in your offices. Offset your carbon emissions from airline and land travel.

Make Positive Contributions to the conservation and preservation of natural and cultural heritage and to the maintenance of the world's biodiversity.

How does PNT supports Sustainable/Responsible tourism into Jordan?

PNT constantly strives to preserve their prideful heritage as their national responsibility to realise and inspire the local and national community. Below are the few steps initiated by the group of PNT to sustain the local community and preserve the world heritage and creates awareness on the same to their visitors and tourists.

  • PNT has chains of business like Turkish Bath and souvenir shops in Petra, where employees from the local community work.

  • PNT is supporting the local community by providing regular business opportunities in Petra who are designers of sand arts in pots, where PNT uses them for compliments to some category of their travelersí and by introducing them direct to the visitors.

  • PNTís most type of tour packages will be inclusive of food in local restaurants, by this PNT is making an opportunity to support the local community and eventually to our visitors by trying their recipe in traditional hospitality .

  • PNT provides a welcome kit on arrival of their guests, where it says the information about heritage sites in Jordan. And gives some tips to the guests about how can be their contribution to the world heritage conservation and nearby community development.

  • PNT is actively promoting Jordan shopping tips to tourists where the authentic Jordanian tradition items can be found. By such motivating tips to the tourists we create opportunities to the local communities sustainability and by taking a piece (souvenir) of Jordan to their visitors.

  • PNT believes that sustainable tourism cannot be fully accomplished unless the hosts are properly educated and be aware of their countryís world heritage importance. As our employees, especially the drivers and tour guides and consultants are playing the major importance? We closely work by mostly hiring a Jordanian people who will feel the real nation pride and behave sensitively when showing the fascination of their countryís attraction and conserve them at the same time. They are being trained for a professional behavior with our guests by simple ways in communication to our tourists about the history of the sites and by conservation which plays a key role for cooperation from the visitors.

  • PNT also takes this opportunity to inform about Petra by Night, to let guests experience the Nabataean monuments in magical candle light. This event gives an unique opportunity to discover the world heritage during nights. This event is being organized weekly thrice from 8.30pm to 10.30 pm which requires a great manpower to make it successful for more than 1000 candles are being lit through out the siq and at the site. Therefore it has a great involvement of locals who are participating in this event managing, from the beginning until the end where sanitary of the site after the guests leave. Thus it brings active conservation to the site and by showing the world heritage with an unique experience that to be made in the nights

World Heritage Sites in Jordan that needs conservation:

Petra: The Nabatean rock city Petra is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and enchants visitors around the globe. Petra, where ancient Eastern traditions blend with Hellenistic architecture, is one of three Jordanian sites listed on UNESCOís World Heritage List. Half-built, half-carved into the rock, surrounded by mountains riddled with passages and gorges, it counts among the world's most famous archaeological sites.

Umm Ar Rasas: The UNESCO World Heritage Site Umm Ar Rasas is worth a visit due to the Byzantine mosaic floor of the Church of St Stephen. The archeological site contains ruins from the Roman, Byzantine, and early Muslim civilizations. The majority of the site has not been excavated. Among the portions excavated so far include a military camp, and several churches. Interesting to see is a 15 meter high Byzantine tower, built by early Christian monks. Two square towers are probably the only remains of the stylites practice, ascetic monks who spent time in isolation atop a column or tower. Umm Ar Rasas is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Qasr Al Amra: Qasr Amra is the most charming of the desert castles due to its fresco paintings. Built by caliph Walid I as a bathhouse, it consists of three different chambers and a hydraulic structure for the water supply. The most impressing are the early Islamic frescoe paintings with varied iconographic themes depicting hunting and bathing scenes, musicians and dancers. They represent the formative stage of Islamic art and therefore Qasr Amra is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

PNT is always open to analyze and accept any suggestions and feedback from our guests, partners or from any advisor who cares for responsible, heritage conservation and sustainable tourism.

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