Jordan Religious Tours

Biblical Tour: 8 Nights - 9 Days

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This journey gives you the opportunity to visit the main biblical sites in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, having a memorable spiritual experience. Moses and the Israelites travelled here on the way to the Promised Land, Jacob wrestled with the Angel of God, Elijah ascended to heaven, John the Baptist preached, Jesus Christ healed, and this ancient land is spotted with evidence of early Christianity.

Tour to mt. Nebo-Pilgrimage tours in Jordan-Visit to the ancient churches in Jordan

Islamic Tour: 4 Nights - 5 Days

Private Tour

In Jordan you can find many holy shrines and tombs of prophets and companions of Prophet Mohammad. In the history of Islam the territory played a special role as battle field. Three important military campaigns against the Byzantine army took place, the battles of Mutah, Yarmouk and Fahl, spreading Islam. The most important tombs and historical sites you will visit on this tour.

Islamic tours in Jordan-Holy sites for Islam in Jordan

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