Umm Ar Rasas Jordan

Umm Ar Rasas, between Madaba and Kerak, had already been mentioned in the Bible. Today you find here some of the best Byzantine church mosaics in the Middle East. Spectacular is a large carpet showing Old and New Testament cities on the Jordan River.

Umm Ar Rasas, also known as Kastrom Mefa'a, is an ancient site mentioned in both the Old and New Testament. The once walled city is mostly in ruins but does still include several buildings, as well as four churches and some beautiful stone arches. The main attraction is the Church of St. Stephen, which contains a large, well preserved mosaic floor laid down in the 8th century. It portrays fifteen major cities of the Holy Land from both east and west of the River Jordan. Six mosaic masters signed the work: Staurachios from Esbus, Euremios, Elias, Constantinus, Germanus and Abdela.

The archeological site contains ruins from the Roman, Byzantine, and early Muslim civilizations. The majority of the site has not been excavated. Among the portions excavated so far include a military camp, and several churches. Interesting to see is a 15 meter high Byzantine tower, built by early Christian monks. Two square towers are probably the only remains of the stylites practice, ascetic monks who spent time in isolation atop a column or tower. Umm Ar Rasas is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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