Hammamat Ma'in Jordan

35 kms southwest of Madaba, at the end of a steep road, Hammamat Ma'in is located. This hot freshwater mineral spring and waterfall lies 264 metres (870 ft) below sea level. The springs, located on the edge of Wadi Mujib, feed the Dead Sea.
Hammamat Ma'in is a an exceptional place in Jordan in an amazing natural setting. The mineral rich waters that feed the 109 hot and cold springs in the valley originate from winter rain falls in the highland plains of Jordan. Most of this water becomes heated to hyper thermal temperatures of up to 63C by underground lava fissures before it pours out of the mountain. This place and the therapeutical effects of the thermal springs attracted already King Herod. It offers a range of treatments including hot baths, helps for blood circulation problems, rheumatism, skin diseases and sports injuries. Keep for a visit in mind, Hammamat Ma'in is very crowded on Fridays.


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